Gina Hudson

Services & Rates

Spring Slim Down Challenge Group

8 weeks: $50

Join us for an 8 week weight loss challenge. 

Perfect to jumpstart your fitness and start eating healthy as the summer months approach!  During the 8 weeks, you will have scheduled weekly check-ins for accountability, a workout schedule, and nutrition coaching. 

After 8 weeks, the person with the highest percentage of weight loss wins!!! 

Are you ready for summer???

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Fitness & Nutrition Coaching - Single Sessions

60 minutes: $30

Coaching sessions are geared toward establishing and assessing fitness goals in the areas of exercise and nutrition.  Each session is individual and focuses on your personal goals and progress.

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Fitness and Nutrition Coaching - Monthly

4 hours: $75
8 hours: $125

Monthly package will include a weekly meeting to review previous week, goal progress, and plan for the upcoming week. 

1 hour per week for 4 weeks = 4 sessions

2 sessions per week for 4 weeks = 8 sessions

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Nutrition Coaching

8 hours: $100

Nutrition Coaching includes an initial interview and education session (up to 2 hours) and 6 weeks of continued guidance and monitoring of your food and water intake (1 session/week).  Prior to the initial session, you will be asked to keep a dietary log for 3-7 days to get a realistic view of your current eating habits.

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